The Wedding Experience

This is probably the first wedding you’ve ever planned, and it can be a very daunting task. It’s not our first wedding, and we’re very happy to guide you through the steps that will make sure everything is organized, so that you can relax and enjoy your day. Why? Because we want to make photographs you’ll love of you that show you relaxing and enjoying your day with each other and all the important people in your lives :)


So here’s what happens:

We chat – you two come in for your in-person consultation (or if you live very far away, we chat on the phone or Skype) and the four of us get to know each other. You’ll have a chance to view examples of our images, albums, and custom wall art and tell us what it is that you’re envisioning as your own finished product. If it seems like a good match, we’ll move on to the details - we put together a rough schedule of your day and discuss what parts of it you would like photographed. Using all this information, we show you the best couple of options to meet your needs. We review the contract to make sure everything is perfect.

You’ll pay a deposit (1/3 of your total price) when you sign the contract, to secure your date. You then go home and check “find awesome wedding photographer” off your list ;)

If you’re doing an engagement shoot (included with all Collections), then the next step is to schedule a date for that. We’ll have another chat on the phone to discuss ideas about location, wardrobe, make-up tips, etc. The engagement shoot is a great way for you to gain confidence in yourselves and trust in us – being in front of a huge lens can be intimidating, and learning to relax now is one more step to making sure the images we take of you on your wedding day are amazing.


Your engagement shoot, like your wedding day photography, will be natural and candid. We are not fans of stiff poses (and neither are you) – we want to give you an environment to feel comfortable and romantic.. a chance to really bask in the excitement of the journey you are on together :)

We’ll edit the engagement session images down to about 60-70 of the best ones, and post a sneak peek of a few of these on the blog for you to see within a couple of days. Then we’ll get together to show you a slideshow of your images and the custom guest book or engagement album layout we’ve designed using about a dozen of them. You’ll let us know if there are any changes you’d like to make to the book before it goes to print, and you’ll also be able to place your order for enlargements for yourselves and for gifts. 


The next time you’ll see me will be about 4 weeks before your wedding day, when we’ll meet up to scout your locations and make up your shot list. Again – if you live or are getting married far away, we’ll chat on the phone to make sure we have all the important details and names. You’ll tell me the first names of everyone in your immediate families and bridal party, and we’ll discuss any specific shots that are important to you. At this time, the second payment (1/3 of your total) is also due and is payable either by cash, cheque, email money transfer, Visa or Mastercard.

You’ll receive an email containing your shot list and any other details to be finalized later that week. If you notice anything you’d like changed or added you can just email me back and I’ll send you the revised shot list with the changes made. 

We know these last few weeks can be stressful and busy for you – if you have any questions or need help or advice with anything, we’re here :)

Since we’ve already hung out a few times, and you’re now used to being in front of our cameras, when you see us on your wedding day you’ll be excited. You’ll feel like a couple of your friends just arrived with cameras, and with the professional experience to make sure everything will run smoothly. 

And then – for the most part – you’ll forget that we’re there. 


You’ll have an amazing day. You’ll be hugged and kissed and adored beyond your wildest dreams. The excited-butterflies in your stomach will become a glowy joyful feeling in your chest. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling the biggest smiles of your life. You will look at the love of your life and know what a miracle it is that you found each other. And we will stand back and capture all this - so that once that one short day has flown by you’ll be able to sit together and look at the images we’ve made for you, and feel it all over again.

Within a week after your wedding day (perhaps you’re on your honeymoon), you’ll receive an email from us with the link to your sneak peek on the blog. These will be about 50-60 of our favourite images from the day to capture the mood, the setting, the details, and most importantly the Love. You can share this link with your friends and family, the ones who were there and the ones who couldn’t make it. You’ll be amazed at all the moments and details you didn’t see, but that you now have forever. 


Within 4-5 weeks of your wedding, we’ll get together to look at the slideshow of your images. We’ve already edited these for things like blinking and redundancy, and made adjustments to things like cropping, colour, contrast, and brightness. Depending on how long we were there on your wedding day, there are usually around 500-600 images from the day. We’ll also show you the layout I’ve designed for your album using about 20-60 images that tell the story of your day and of your love for each other. You’ll be able to request changes to the layout or the images included, add more pages to your album if desired, and also make any special requests for retouching. You’ll select your cover material(s) and any options such as cover cutouts and embossing if you haven’t already done this. You can order duplicate albums in a smaller size as gift albums for your parents (if you haven’t already done so way back when we put the contract together). You’ll also select your print package, and place your order for enlargements for your own walls and gifts for your families and members of the bridal party. I’ll be able to give you suggestions of what might be a good image for your thank-yous, and you can let me know how many you’ll need.

The final third of your total payment is due at this time, and is payable by cash, cheque, email money transfer, Visa or Mastercard. Your print package is payable in full once you confirm your order.

And last but not least, you’ll be able to see my ideas for your custom wall art (if you've included that in your package). This extremely creative process involves making a slightly abstract and incredibly beautiful visual representation of not only your wedding day, but also your relationship with each other. I’ll use information I’ve gathered through our conversations and the process of getting to know each other, and images from your wedding and from your engagement shoot. It’s impossible to imagine what yours will look like, but I can show you the one I did for our wedding to give you an idea:


You’ll give me your ideas and feedback about the piece, and together we’ll perfect it over the next couple of weeks.

Once you’ve completed your print order and given final approval for the album and wall art designs, I’ll get right to work on the final retouching of everything. To provide the best quality result and highest consistency I will produce your entire print order at once, so the sooner I have all the information from you the sooner you’ll receive all your finished printed pieces. Turnaround time is usually 6-8 weeks from final approval to finished pieces.


When I’ve assembled and verified all the pieces of your order, we’ll schedule a time for you to come and see them. I take great pride in my work, and I really look forward to seeing the joy in your faces when you look through your wedding album for the first time. I imagine your excitement at showing it to your parents and friends, and maybe one day to your children.

We look forward to photographing them too :) 

See you soon!

Jessica + Norman