Sarah & Mike

“What I love about my photos is that there is nothing contrived about them - no forced poses or smiles - Jessica captured the day EXACTLY as it was. When we look at our photos, it’s like looking at the memories of the day the way I picture everything in my mind. The colours, the breeze, the private looks shared between my husband and I…everything is there on film for us to share with our children and relive over and over again. When choosing a wedding photographer, you want someone whom you feel comfortable around. You share so many intimate and important memories with this person who will forever be a part of one of the most important days of your life. Jessica is that girl. I can’t say enough…”


Erin & Jonathan 

“the colour and moments she captured were stunning”

Allison & John 

“We are forever grateful to have such beautiful photographs that captured those special moments. Thank you Jessica for helping to make our wedding such a memorable day!”


Lindsie & Craig 

“She managed to get the most fantastic pictures while somehow being invisible.”

Tori & Scott

“Jessica made the effort to really understand the overall mood we were hoping to convey (relaxed, intimate, candid), and as a result she was able to capture the 'feeling' of our special day.”


Jane & Ned

“We really appreciated their efforts to forge a personal relationship with us and to invest the time to understand what it was that we were looking for with our wedding photography.”

Janine & Jon

“The pictures are so amazing! And it really felt like we had a friend shooting our wedding.”


Aynslie & Mike 

“..she really has a gift of capturing special moments and is super easy going and calm, just what a bride needs on her wedding day. Jessica truly made my day special and unforgettable.
She was never in our way but got all the shots. She said to us you should not remember seeing your photographer. At other weddings I have seen photo crews that distract the guests and sort of steal the show. She is very professional."

Kelly & Eddie 

“Many thanks to Jessica and Norman for their professionalism, vision and attention to all the details that helped make the day and our photos so brilliant. The pictures we have of our wedding day are fantastic! Thanks.. for sharing and documenting our day in such a personal, artistic way. You guys rock! I highly recommend Jessica Lin Photography for any wedding or special occation!”


Jane & Luis 

“When my fiancé Luis and I started to search for the perfect engagement and wedding photographer, we had three criteria: They have to be talented, we had to trust them completely, and we wanted to feel a personal connection with them. After all, our photographer was going to spending our most important day with us! As our search progressed, we found many photographers who were talented. But the discussion always started and ended the same way ; "what is your budget and here are the package prices". Then we met Jessica. First, she insisted we meet at our venue rather than the studio. She said this was a good way for her to get a feel for our aesthetic and be able to speak to what our desired outcome was. Also, her questions were "how did you two meet, what do you love about each other, what is your vision for the day etc". Personal connection! We hired her almost on the spot. Best decision ever! Jessica's talent is incredible. Our shots - and there are a LOT of shots - are beautiful, candid, and captured our day exactly as we had imagined. Jessica packaged our favorites in a book that is wonderfully laid out, like a story unfolding to a very happy ending. If you are looking for a professional, creative and personable photographer for your next event, we highly recommend Jessica Lin Photography.” “From our first meeting with her we knew there was something different in her approach. While other photographers quoted package prices, Jessica took the time to get to know us – our likes and dislikes, our individual styles, our values etc. As a true artist, she captured all of this and more in the final products she delivered. Her storytelling ability when packaging the photos was incredible. All of her suggetions and tips were bang on. On our shoot days – when stress levels are high – Jessica and her fabulous assistant made us feel comfortable, at ease, and we all ended up actually having fun! I cannot recommend Jessica strongly enough. If you are looking for someone to capture your personality and the mood of the day, provide a personal touch, make you comfortable and work with you to deliver the package YOU want, HIRE THIS LADY!!!”

Andrea & Dave

“We couldn’t be more thrilled! Jessica & Norman of Jessica Lin Photography did the most amazing job shooting our wedding. We both knew that at the wedding without even seeing a shot. Now, we wish we had brought them to Panama with us. They were a pleasure to work with and they made us feel so special all day long! After seeing [our] shots, Dave said ”let do it again!’ (get married that is) ”it was so much fun!” And it was. I truly believe that they were able to capture the feel and excitement of that day. Big thanks to Jessica & Norman” 
“We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Jessica. She offered to do our engagement photos to get us used to working with her. It made us very comfortable and after seeing the photos we were sure we wanted to work with her. We have beautiful photos for us, our families and guests. The simple moments caught on camera were the best. Dave and I were so happy that day and every photo has those moments, from us and our bridal party to our guests.”



Cheryl & Damian

“after talking with Jessica long distance (we live across the country from where we were getting married) I felt that our photo needs would be well looked after. Jessica was attentive to the intended atmosphere of the wedding .. We met with Jessica and Norman the day before at the venue and I loved that she had already scouted out places for us to have pictures that we then discussed- this meeting was full of laughter and I knew were were going to have fun together the next day. Jessica has a wonderful eye for taking pictures of things that we could never have thought of - we loved the details - from the program tucked into the back of a chair cover to our rings on a local newspaper showing the date. She captured many moments that I didn't even know were being captured and provided documentation of a wonderful day that was well lived! 
“we were very impressed in {Jessica’s} desire to get to know us and become familiar with what we wanted. 
Working with Jessica on the day of the wedding, was, no kidding, fun. She was not intrusive at all but I found myself watching the details that she was capturing and it made me slow down and have a look from her perspective. of my favourite things was that Jessica sent us a link to a narrative she had written on her blog with a few photos- it was extremely personable and it ..allowed us to share this link with family and friends within a week of the wedding- many (of) whom had not been able to attend.. the comments we received from these family and friends are invaluable for being able to share this special day.”

Katie & Darryl 

“We are so happy with how the albums turned out! The photos selected and layout designed captures our memories of our wedding day perfectly. Thanks to your guidance, experience and organization, leading up to the wedding and the day-of you served as a calming presence and ensured our day was documented just as we discussed. Your talent, creativity, attention to detail and sense of humour made it a pleasure to work with you throughout this entire process. We are so appreciative of the personal touch you brought ot our day and to our memories.”


Caroline & Graham

“Amazing!! These are fantastic! You and Norman are so great to work with and made Graham and I feel very relaxed which shows in the photos. They look so natural!”

Sarah & Jonathan 

“Thank you so much!!!! We've been looking at it over and over since Sunday. We keep going back.. and remembering how great the day was...the pictures have captured it so beautifully! Jonathan was waiting to update his facebook status to "married" and has found the perfect new profile pic! ...the pictures are perfect; we can't thank you enough!”


Vivian & John

“My favourite memory was when she called me the day before my wedding to make sure I was OK because, 100% rain was in the forecast for my wedding day.  She was concerned that I would be disappointed about not having an outdoor wedding. That is the level of attention she gives her brides, and that solidified why I chose her to be the one to capture one of the biggest moments of my life.”

Roslyn & Hilary

“You guys we’re like f*ing ninjas!” “Jessica and Norman, YOU ARE SO GOOD…!! We love our pics so much and we couldn’t imagine having anyone else document our perfect day :)”








Jodie & Jeremy

“Jeremy and I just got back from a wonderful week in Barbados and we haven't stopped looking at the blog post pics. They are beautiful!!!! We can't wait to see the rest.”