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Maeghan & Jamie’s Art Gift Registry!

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Maeghan & Jamie have decided to do something a bit unique for their wedding gift registry: Art! This is something they both agree would be a meaningful way to commemorate this next step in their adventure together.


“The Phoenix”, 74x30” (triptych). This piece of artwork is composed of layers from 7 different photographs that I’ve taken over the past 4 years.


{Brief introduction to me and my work - my name is Jessica, and I’m a Toronto-based photographer and artist. My current body of work is abstract landscape photography, which is created by extracting elements from various photographs I’ve taken throughout my travels and daily life, and then recomposed to create a reality-based fantasy.}

The piece they’ve chosen is entitled “The Phoenix”, and it resonates with them for many reasons. A couple of those reasons include the fact that the silhouetted trees are from Nova Scotia (hooray for family!), and a few of the elements in the background layers are from my trip to the Azores, Portugal two summers ago. As you may know, the Azores hold a special place in Maeghan and Jamie’s hearts as they got engaged while hiking there this past spring (moments after the photo of them above was taken!). The background of this piece contains a textured layer from the side of a collapsed volcano (a caldera) that we hiked up on Faial Island, lichen from our walk around the green half of the twin lakes on Sao Miguel Island, and bright green leafy aquatic plants from Pico Island. The overall theme of the piece is new growth, which seems perfect as a wedding gift!


Detail of one of the corners of “The Phoenix”. The photographic image is printed archivally onto watercolour paper, giving it great texture. Each birch panel is handmade by a local woodworker, and then I stain the panels in my studio. After hand-distressing the edges of the prints, we mount them onto the panels, and give them 3 coats of a satin UV artist varnish, which ensures that the colours of the piece won’t fade over time, even in direct sunlight.

So, how do you contribute to this amazing unique gift for Maeghan & Jamie’s wedding?? Easy:

Simply fill out the contact form below, including your name, best methods of reaching you, and the amount you’d like to contribute to this gift. I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange payment either by e-transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX), and then I’ll send you a confirmation of your gift, which you can include in your card to Maeghan & Jamie if you wish.

On behalf of this lovely couple, THANK YOU!!

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