Meet Jessica and Norman

Your Photographers

Fact: you will spend more time with your wedding photographer(s) than with any of your other vendors. Likely more time than you will spend with anyone else on your wedding day. The way you look in your wedding photographs will be directly related to how you feel about the person holding the camera. Take a second to consider that. Unless you are a professional actor, your face reflects how you are feeling. So when there’s someone in the room with you as you put on your wedding gown, and in front of you as you walk down the aisle, and telling jokes to you during family photos – you’d better like that person.

We probably have less than a year until your wedding day, so here are a few tidbits to help you get to know us! If you’re interested and have a spare minute, you can also check out our own self-photographing destination wedding story on the blog



  • Love to travel
  • Have a cat named Mischa
  • Watch a lot of movies
  • Have tattoos
  • Love nature walks
  • Can speak tiny bits of Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, and lots of English
  • Can't spell well in any of those languages ;)
  • Learned how to drywall, tile, and swear while renovating our house
  • Are in LOVE









  • Loves books 
  • Is inspired by art - old and new 
  • Has two moms 
  • Loves colour 
  • Believes in luck, fate, and romance 
  • Adores old stuff – even when it’s cheesy old stuff 
  • Does reiki 
  • Enjoys yoga 
  • Recently started pickling and canning
  • Likes a bit of fantasy mixed with her reality
  • Travelled across the ocean and found LOVE 




  • Is from Belfast, Northern Ireland 
  • Was a sailmaker for over 20 years
  • Enjoys playing football (or soccer, depending on what side of the ocean you're from!)
  • Is a great cook 
  • Lived in Australia for a year 
  • Loves scuba diving 
  • Plays guitar 
  • Swims almost every week
  • Loves anything based on a true story 
  • Moved across the ocean for LOVE