Image is Everything.

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re considering taking your small business to the next level – and you realize that the image you project of your business is vital to your success. Hiring a professional photographer is a big decision, both psychologically and financially, and I get that. I’m a small business too, as are the vast majority of my clients. They are designers, artists, creators - creative thinkers who are amazing at what they do. With very few exceptions, I’ve hand picked every commercial client I have. I’ve chosen artists and artisans who are (in my opinion) incredibly talented and create amazing work. They all appreciated the importance of branding and projecting a certain image. They needed their clients to see what sets them apart, what makes them special. Professional photography is obviously a big part of that.

In my thirteen years of experience of running my own business and of meeting hundreds of artists and artisans at various shows and exhibitions, I’ve seen the ones who succeed are the ones who realize they need to be business people as well as artists. You can make the most beautiful piece in the world but if your photography and website design aren’t also great then it reflects poorly on the piece and on your business as a whole. Applications for grants and for shows are also judged in large part on the level of professionalism of the images submitted. Visitors to these shows will judge the quality of your work in part by the design of your booth and the printed materials you hand out (business cards, postcards etc.). Any way you look at it it’s very important to present a clean and consistent image of your work and your business. “Clean” and “consistent” doesn’t mean “boring” and “soulless” by the way - I really love working creatively with creative rockstars like you :) 

When working with a new client I always meet at least once with them before our first shoot to sit down and discuss their goals for their business and the purposes for the images we’re going to create. Based on your shot list I will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the total cost. We’ll set a date for your shoot and make any arrangements for the location, models, hair and makeup stylists if needed. 

On the day of your shoot we’ll meet at the shooting location (studio or otherwise), already with a clear idea of what we’re going to accomplish for the day. We’ll have a look at all the pieces you’ve brought to shoot, set up the lights, and get started. We often shoot with the camera tethered to the laptop so you’ll be able to see your images immediately on screen. This is a very collaborative process so if you want to see a different angle or feature of your piece then you just let me know and I’ll adjust the set-up as needed. Once you’re thrilled with the final image we’ll move on to the next piece.

There are basically two types of shots: The first is what we would call “Lifestyle” or “Hero” shots, which are great for branding and often involve special backgrounds, props, models etc. The second type is the straightforward “product shots” on a white background, which are less exciting but have many practical uses for applications, websites etc. Ideally you’ll use a combination of both of these types of shots to brand your work and communicate clearly with your audience. The number of shots we’ll do in a day depends on a variety of factors but generally can range anywhere from 10 to 35.

Depending on my production schedule I’ll be able to deliver finished retouched images within a week. If there’s a specific image you’ll need immediately (for a printed piece etc.) we can arrange for that. I give all my clients two sets of files: one set is full-size for printing, the other set is smaller for easy web uploading. If you have upcoming applications that require specific file types just let me know and I can create a set that size as well.

During our initial meeting and also during your shoot we’ll discuss specific retouching needs as well as the general overall look that you desire for your images. Production times and fees can vary greatly depending on how many images and how much retouching is needed. In general, “Lifestyle” shots will take longer to set up and shoot but will be much quicker to retouch compared to “product shots”.

I know an important part of your decision to book your first shoot will be the cost involved, so let’s talk about that… To keep things simple I charge a flat photography day rate, no matter what type of images or how many. A full day (8 hours) is $1300+HST and a half-day (4 hours) is $900+HST. Production fees are calculated based on an hourly rate of $125/hour. The number of images produced per hour depends on how much retouching is required but on average I can usually do about 5 images per hour. As for the payment schedule, the total amount payable is split into 3 installments – the first third is due when you book your shoot and will secure your date, the second third is due on or before the shoot date, and the final payment is due within 14 days of delivery of the finished files. See the full service and pricing menu here.

Many clients will book 2 days for their first shoot to capture previous as well as current collections, and to have a good mix of “Lifestyle” and “product shots”. If you are planning a re-brand or re-launching of your brand, this is what I would advise – that way you’ll be able to create the greatest impact when you’ve got the most eyes on you! After the initial shoot, most clients only need a day or half-day once or twice a year to create images of their new work and to keep content current for their website/blog/Facebook page/etc.

If you're great at what you do, then my goal is to help you show the rest of the world how great you are. 

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Clients include:

Any Direct Flight    
Apa Designs
Curious Oddities
Dawn Pearcey
Edge of Your Seat
Erin Tracy Designs
Filipa Pimentel
I Heart Cake
Janna Burford
Jenny Greco
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Leah Bazian

Mandala Design
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Tanya Kirouac

With additional experience shooting for:

Canadian Home and Country magazine
House and Home magazine
Style at Home magazine
William Ashley