Amanda & Tim - Baby on the Way :)

For those of you who don't already know, Amanda is my sister. My little sister. If you have a little sister of your own, perhaps you've also had one of those moments in life when you suddenly notice that she's not a kid anymore. Somehow - without you noticing - she's gone and grown up. I was living with my sister when she graduated college, and when she and Tim decided to move in together. About a year later, they moved away from Toronto into their own house in Tim's home town of Lancaster. A couple of years later, they got married. For some reason, none of these events were "the moment". Not even when we were sitting around my moms' kitchen table and she told us all that they were pregnant. It was less of a milestone than any of these.. it was one evening when she was visiting, and the two of us were up later than everyone else. We were just sitting on the couch, talking. She was talking about morning sickness, and how she couldn't stop burping. And it hit me - this person, my sister, is going to be someones mommy. I found myself studying her face.. trying to figure out how she had - secretly and without me knowing - turned from my little sister into a woman.
It's been months now since that conversation, and in spite of all the pictures I've seen and taken of her as her belly grew it still took a long time for it to fully sink in that soon there will be a baby in our family. We went with Tim & Amanda when they did their hospital tour, and actually had the amazing experience of photographing a birth just a couple of weeks later, but it wasn't until I saw a friend's pictures last week of her holding her new nephew that I thought: "that's going to be me. I'm going to be an auntie!" and now I'm pretty much doing a constant impatient dance, calling every day to see what the heck is taking that baby so long to get here..
Anyways - a little while ago we went out for a visit and to do some maternity photos :) While I was looking over the images afterwards, I couldn't help but notice that Tim makes my sister laugh a lot. Pretty much non-stop giggle fits. Of all the things I like about Tim, I think this is the best :)
 {these wicker chairs are the ones my grandparents used to sit next to each other on, for the warm summer evenings on their front porch at their farm}
As much as I love Toronto, I have to admit this is a pretty great front yard to have..
 pregnant Charlie's Angels pose - of course ;)
tattooed wedding bands still fit when you're pregnant! 
Amanda & Tim - I don't know what to say.. I'm so proud and so excited for you guys, and absolutely cannot wait to meet the newest member of our awesome family! We love you guys so much, and are eagerly anticipating our visit in a couple of weeks :D (p.s. there'd better be a baby there by then!)

Jessica + Norman