Fine Art Pieces - The France Collection

I love travelling. There are few things I enjoy more than the adventure of exploring somewhere new - the unfamiliar sights and sounds, the musical rhythms of each new language, the way the flavours you taste seem somehow connected to the colours around you..

Every time we go away, people ask if it's for "work" or for a "holiday". If you've ever travelled with a photographer (and I don't really recommend it!) then you know there's no distinction between the two most of the time. Being immersed in a different culture - even just being pulled out of my everyday routines - frees my mind up to see things in new and fantastic ways. I roam city streets and countrysides with my camera never far from my face, greedily gathering new images. 

For years now I've been gathering images, storing them and backing them up. And nobody ever saw them. I hadn't decided what they were meant to "be" yet, and I didn't want to force a purpose on them. 
Then a couple of years ago, I started to go through my thousands of images. Not just the travel ones, but dozens of images taken in my kitchen while preparing dinner, images of words from signs with great fonts, all the images I've taken over the years with no clear purpose other than the fact that something about the subject matter spoke to me. And I started to see new images. Scenes that existed nowhere outside of my imagination - yet. I created a series of scenes that used colours and graphic patterns to turn regular places into fantasy worlds.

I make giclee prints of my finished images on watercolour paper, and then hand tear or sand the edges to give them a soft, organic look. These archival prints are mounted onto boards that have been softened at the edges with more sanding, and then painted or stained to suit the image. Some have stencils along the edges. The final step is multiple coats of satin finish, resulting in a piece that is pleasing to the touch and UV protected.

My first exhibition of these finished pieces was at the 2012 Queen West Art Crawl, and I was really touched by the amazingly supportive response they received. For a peek at some of the smaller pieces, check out this post. To see the full collection in person, please come check out my booth at one or more of these upcoming shows in Toronto:

Cabbagetown Art and Craft Festival - September 6-8, 2013
Danforth East Art Fair - Sept. 14-15, 2013
Queen West Art Crawl - Sept. 21-22, 2013 - booth M36 

Hope to see you soon!