Newborn Baby Sam at 6 weeks old :)

I've known Kim for years - she was actually one of my very first commercial clients way back when we both started our businesses. Since then, she's made a lot of beautiful jewellery and I've taken about a million photographs. We've both moved into our own studio spaces. I had the honour of photographing their day when Kim and Paul got married in October of 2008. And now, the sweetest thing I've ever photographed for Kim - her first baby boy: Sam. At 6 weeks he was the oldest "newborn" I've shot so far, and he had the hair and the strength to prove it! We spent a lovely and eventful afternoon capturing these proud new parents and their amazing little guy :)

I think this first shot is one of my favourite family photos ever..!
 Love this smile! We did a whole series of Sam on his tummy on the white duvet to match with a collection of awesome images taken of Paul when he was a tiny baby :)
 What I love best about this pose (below) is how Sam is only a cape away from being Superman! (the classic Bay blanket is pretty great too)
Kim & Paul - thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this fantastic new step in your journey together :) With so much feisty character packed into such a small guy, I can't wait to see what he's like in the coming months!

Jessica + Norman