Baby Max at Three Weeks and One Day :)

I may as well start by confessing that I'm in love with Baby Max. He's not only adorable - he didn't shed a single tear the whole time we were there, and even smiled for us a few times :) Here's a sneak peek of some of my favourite Baby Max expressions..

 One of my favourite things about new parents is the glowy look of sheer joy they have whenever gazing upon their newborn babies..
 I love his look here - like he's trying to figure out exactly what these strangers are doing in his house!
 {if you think those toes look tiny above, wait until you see them next to Daddy's thumb below!}
 Lucky Max has an awesome monkey-themed nursery :) His Auntie Kim did the monkey painting that hangs above his crib, and Mommy's good friend Sarah crocheted the monkey mobile - so cute!
Lara & Frank - congratulations on your tiny new addition to your family! I can't wait to see what faces he'll make for us next :)

Jessica + Norman

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