#TheSerenityExperience is an experiential art installation based on one of my 2D artworks entitled "Serenity". This piece radiates calm, which makes sense since it came into the world shortly after I started meditating. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the psychological benefits of spending time in nature, and near water in particular. Water soothes us, in ways that can be measured by science as well as experienced by all of us. This research, combined with the effects I could feel myself, inspired me to create a small bubble of space where the viewer slows down, and “Serenity” is the only thing they are aware of.

Using digital and analog techniques, I've created this multi-sensory experience of the piece within a small hut. My intention is to bring together themes of childhood memories, connecting with nature and the community around us, environmental conservation, and mental health. I believe that art has the power to not only inspire change, but also to heal. There is an interactive portion at the end, which engages people further and allows them to share their experiences. The installation debuted as part of my booth at the 2018 Winter One of a Kind show, and was also the focal point of my solo exhibition at the Artists' Network Gallery in February of 2019. Between the two events, I had the pleasure of sharing it with dozens of people over the span of almost 6 weeks. I had beautiful conversations and connections with friends, fellow artists, and complete strangers while sharing time with them in #TheSerenityExperience.

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve made space to create this in my new studio so that I can have it open to the public on select days. If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, please sign up for my email newsletter to receive notifications of upcoming dates!

A tiny sneak peek at part of the visual element of #TheSerenityExperience